The 'Done-For-Me' Advantage: 4 Reasons Smart Business Owners are Leaving DIY Behind

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While DIY (Do-It-Yourself) beckons with a promise of control, the terrain of digital marketing often unveils complex hurdles. Here, DFM (Done-For-Me) services become a worthy ally, paving a smoother path towards online visibility and revenue growth.

Below are four solid reasons why DFM is a strategic choice over DIY for setting up digital channels.

1. Business Socials: Higher Stakes, Greater Rewards:

You’re here, reading this, so you’re not entirely averse to technology. Many business owners I interact with have a decent understanding of social platforms. However, managing business socials is more than just casual browsing and posting snapshots of your Sunday brunch.

Crafting a crystal clear message, strategizing for regular posting and engagement, and devising a method to authentically convert that engagement into revenue is a meticulous task. If you’ve dabbled in DIY and hit a wall, it’s likely because you sense the vast difference between personal and business socials.

2. Evading the DIY Death Spiral

Diligent business owners often burn the midnight oil, don multiple hats, and forego weekends. This unwavering commitment, however, can morph into a curse when plunging into the unknown waters of digital channel building. I’ve been down that road, where the single-minded pursuit to figure it out led to spending tenfold the time and resources initially planned. DFM isn’t about hoisting a white flag; it’s about strategic thinking—evaluating if you’re indeed the best person for this task and if the DIY route is cost-effective. As I touched upon in a recent post, the unseen time-cost can be a treacherous slope.

  1. Preserve and Project Your Non-Techie Genius

In this digital era, showcasing your authentic self is more valuable than masquerading as a digital savant. If you’re acing the analog aspect of your business, flaunt that as your unique selling proposition. The digital populace isn’t expecting you to morph into Elon Musk; they’re keen on knowing the real you, understanding what you offer, and gauging if they can trust you.

  1. If DIY Was For You, You Would’ve Done It Already:

Individuals poised for DIY are those already navigating a WYSIWYG platform with ease. If you’re about to Google WYSIWYG, that’s a sign you might be better off with expert assistance. Although platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, or WordPress are worth exploring, remember, every hour spent learning web design is an hour not spent on what you excel at.

Navigating the digital space is no small feat, but with the right support, the journey can be less daunting and more fruitful. Choosing DFM over DIY is not about incapability, but about smart delegation and focusing on what you do best. It’s about accelerated growth, reduced stress, and ultimately, more revenue.

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The ‘Done-For-Me’ Advantage: 4 Reasons Smart Business Owners are Leaving…

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